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Research group “Transnationalisation and Development”

With our project POCUTRAS, we are also part of the research group “Transnationalisation and Development”, led by Petra Dannecker at the Department of Development Studies, University of Vienna.

We hold regular meetings where we discuss texts on the issue, often also on methodological issues related to researching on transnational/translocal formations. Occasionally we also discusss drafts written by members of the group itself.

For more information on this research group please have a look at its website.

New research plattform “Mobile Cultures and Societies”

Our project is part of the newly established research plattform “Mobile Cultures and Societies. Interdisciplinary Studies on Transnational Formations” which aims at a dialogue between approaches from the humanities and social sciences on the issue of mobility in a broader sense. Please have a look at its website for more information on participants, projects and events of the platform.