“Afrikaforschung in Österreich: Zugänge und Einordnungen”, Innsbruck, March 2015

The conference “Afrikaforschung in Österreich: Zugänge und Einordnungen” took place in Innsbruck, Tyrol, on March 19-20 and was the second meeting of researchers working on Africa at Austrian Universities or other institutions.

Birgit presented parts of the film “Creating Comoria. A documentary on the Franco-Comorian music group AFROPA in Marseilles” and a paper on “Forschen mit der Kamera im postkolonialen Kontext. Afrikanische Diaspora im Fokus” (“Doing research with the camera in postcolonial contexts. Focus on African Diasporas”)

The methodological reflections on researching with the camera are going to be continued within the framework of our project and a symposium is scheduled for autumn 2015 which will deal in depth with the questions relating to research with visual means in postcolonial contexts. More information on this event will follow soon!