Visit at AFROPEA NOW! in Linz

Andres, Katharina and Birgit visited the International Festival AFROPEA NOW! which took place in Linz from September 25-27. Unfortunately we could only attend the session on Saturday afternoon but recommend anyone to have a look at what was going on in Linz at the website of the organisers, the Stadtwerkstatt Linz at

Quote from their website:

“At the core of the festival is a two-day symposium accompanied by film screenigs, concerts, a workshop and an exhibition, at Stadtwerkstatt and on board of MS Schönbrunn.
Local and international artists, experts and activists will discuss aspects of African-European identities and cultural productions from various points of view. With contributions from across Europe and Africa, “Afropea Now!” will focus on the social, cultural, historical and artistic interaction of African and European cultures in a global world regardless of national boundaries.”